Write back to database

It might take some time to  find out how to write back in a database from Qlikview, so here’s my input.

In the script, create a connection to the database you want to work with:

We can then create a Insert statement to test  if it works:

If we load the script, we’ll see the following error message:

This error message is basically telling as that the connection to the database is opened as read only. In order to make a Read/Write connection, we add “mode is write” in the connection statement and in the Settings tab in the Script Editor, we check options “Open Databases in Read and Write mode” and “Can Execute External Programs” although is not mandatory.

Now reload the application and you will be able to write back to the database.



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6 responses to “Write back to database”

  1. gaurav says :

    Hi very nice and informative post. Actually I have a similar requirement from client where i need to enable this write back feature for the End users.

    I have a small doubt
    As mentioned in the above post I get pop up ‘Script Security’ in which it says to give access to the system…………
    Now my query is – Will the end user be asked for the same? If the I want to disable the pop up in live environment then how it can be achieved?

    Thnks in advance

    My mail id is gaurav.khare03@gmail.com

    • biexperience says :

      Hello Gaurav,

      Once you access the access to the system, it shouldn’t ask you again.

      On the other hand, how are your users accessing the document? Access Point or through the Desktop version?


      • gaurav says :

        Hello thanks for your valuable inputs. Actually it’s a new requirement from client and so I’ am preparing for it accordingly.

        As of now the users log on through access point.

  2. biexperience says :

    Thanks, did you manage to run the script without having the alert pop up?

  3. gaurav says :

    Hi JV,

    Many thanks for your inputs. I haven’t checked about the pop up yet as there were accessing issues yesterday on the UAT.

    I will be performing this activity by today or tomorrow and will surely revert with it’s outcome.

    Really thanks for your help


  4. parimal says :

    How to achieve taking user inputs from user and put this in one table.

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