Chord diagram extension object.

Chord diagram extension object

We all love Qlikview but we know that it doesn’t provide a great selection of charts.

This is why we might need to create extension objects.

We were asked to make a very specific analysis for a client and none of the charts in Qlikview were suitable for this situation. That’s why we made some research in D3 and found the Chord chart that perfectly fitted our purpose.

We needed to analyse mobile phone users and browsers used on desktop. This is, What browser in desktop do iPhone, Samsung, etc users use? We were not very interested in the number of people but we wanted to provide the client with an easy way of visualizing this data and quickly understand the volume or ratio.

Basically, a chord diagram arranges its nodes radially, drawing thick curves between nodes. The thickness of the curve encodes the frequency of rides between two neighborhoods.

This is what a chord chart looks like:


Please feel free to download and use the extension object and the sample Qlikview application but make reference to my blog.


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