Attribute expression types

Today I’d like talk about attribute types in expressions.
As you might now, expressions can be used pretty much in any object in Qlikview but not all of them support attributes.

Attribute expressions allow us to dynamically format expression data.

If we want to work with attribute expressions, we need to create a chart (e.g bar chart). We then go to the Expression tab, create an expression and click on the + symbol next to it.


Picture 1 – Attribute Expression

We will find 7 different attribute expressions:

  • Background Color: defines an attribute expression for calculating the basic plot color of the data point. The expression used should return a valid color representation.
  • Text color: calculates the text color of text associated with the data point.
  • Text Format: calculates the font style for text associated with the data point. The expression used as text format expression should return a string containing a ‘<B>’ for bold text, ‘<I>’ for italic and ‘<U>’ for underlined text.
  • Pie Popout: only for pie charts. Calculates whether the pie slice associated with the data point should be drawn in an extracted popout position.
  • Bar Offset: only for bar charts. Calculates an offset for the bar or bar segment accordingly.
  • Line Style: only for combo and radar charts. Calculates the line style for the line or line segment associated with the data point. The relative width of the line can be control by including a tab ‘<Wn>’ where n is a multiplying factor to be applied on the default line width of the chart. The number n must be between 0.5 and 8. The style of the line can be controlled by including a tab ‘<Sn>’ where n is an integer between 1 and 4 indicating the style to be used (1 = Continuous, 2 = dashed, 3 = dotted, 4 = dashed/dotted).
  • Show Value: only for bar, line and combo charts. Calculatesif the data point plot should be complemented with a number on data point value.

Here are some practical examples:

Background Color

Picture 2 – Background Color

Bar Offset

Picture 3 – Bar Offset

Pie Popout

Picture 4 – Pie Popout

Line Style

Picture 5 – Line Style

Text Format

Picture 6 – Text Format




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