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Document Extension – Close Document Session

Reading the forum, I noticed there’s a need for a document extension that allows you to terminate the session while using Qlikview ajax.

I’ve tried one of the document extensions I found in the forum:

However, this extension never worked for me so I decided to do my own using the code used by Qlikview Ajax.

Download the document extension.

After downloading the extension, double click on it.

Make sure the extension is stored in:




I hope you find this useful.



Session Recovery

Session Recovery

Today a business user asked me if he could save selections so when he opens a document, he can get his defaulted selections.

The first thing I thought was to use an onOpen trigger. To my surprise, onOpen triggers don’t work in Ajax. A weak point about this solution, is that I wanted to create a table with users and predefined selections and select these onOpen based on the user.

After thiking a little bit more (yes, it sometimes good to think), I remembered the “Recovery Session” feature in Qlikview Server.

This option allows users to close a document and save their selections. When they reopen the document, the session will be recovered and all
selections will remain.

This option can be found in QMc: System –> Setup –> Choose Qlikview Server –> Documents –> Check option “Allow Session Recovery”