Session Recovery

Session Recovery

Today a business user asked me if he could save selections so when he opens a document, he can get his defaulted selections.

The first thing I thought was to use an onOpen trigger. To my surprise, onOpen triggers don’t work in Ajax. A weak point about this solution, is that I wanted to create a table with users and predefined selections and select these onOpen based on the user.

After thiking a little bit more (yes, it sometimes good to think), I remembered the “Recovery Session” feature in Qlikview Server.

This option allows users to close a document and save their selections. When they reopen the document, the session will be recovered and all
selections will remain.

This option can be found in QMc: System –> Setup –> Choose Qlikview Server –> Documents –> Check option “Allow Session Recovery”




5 responses to “Session Recovery”

  1. Brian says :

    Session Recovery appears to only work with the Ajax client, correct?

  2. Palomop says :

    Hello. Do you know if this feature is available in Qlik Sense Server? If not, is it there a workaround or a mushup? Thanks in advance.

  3. Sadhana Tripathi says :

    Do you know what might work for IE Plug in?

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