Document Extension – Close Document Session

Reading the forum, I noticed there’s a need for a document extension that allows you to terminate the session while using Qlikview ajax.

I’ve tried one of the document extensions I found in the forum:

However, this extension never worked for me so I decided to do my own using the code used by Qlikview Ajax.

Download the document extension.

After downloading the extension, double click on it.

Make sure the extension is stored in:




I hope you find this useful.



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5 responses to “Document Extension – Close Document Session”

  1. Mayank says :

    This extension is not working for me

    • Business Intelligence Experience says :

      Hi Mayank. What version of QV are you using? I haven’t touched this extension in a while but I would recommend you take a look at Qlik Branch as all extension developments are shared in that site.


      • Mayank says :

        Thank you Juan for reply.

        I am using qlik version 12 SR5.

        Exactly want user to hit button on access point and it will deactivate the session and navigate the user to some other URL.

        Please let me know in case of any information required.


  2. Diana says :

    Does the extension work with Internet Explorer?

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