Visualize your World 2014

Visualize your World 2014 took place in a beautiful venue in King’s Cross. clients, partners and users gathered in this excellent event

that showed us a variety of things, from how to set up Qlik Sense, to new and old tips in Qlikview 11.

The event was very well organized. Coffee and lunch were provided. Outside the rooms, there were around 20 different Partner stands

with welcoming people ready to answer any questions you may have. This stands were also equipped with TVs where you could see

the different tools provided by each Partner.

My favourite part of the event were the different Breakout sessions. We were able to choose 2 different sessions from a list of 6. They were technical and non-technical

for the different public. These sessions were led by very knowledgeable Qlik employees.

It felt like an introduction to the World Conference taking place in Orlando. I’ll see you all there! 🙂



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2 responses to “Visualize your World 2014”

  1. Steve Dark says :

    Completely agree with your comments, a great event and a palpable buzz around Sense now being fully out there.

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