Google Pie Chart Extension Object

I’m becoming addicted to extension objects so I hope that my effort can be used by others in the community.

Google Pie Chart

Google Pie Chart

This extension takes one dimension and one measure and display it in different slices as percentage. You can scroll the slices
to see the actual number behind the percentage.

I’ve commented the code so it’s easier to understand. I won’t go into the details here, but if you have questions, please let me know.

Here’s a new Pie Chart extension object powered by Google API.



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6 responses to “Google Pie Chart Extension Object”

  1. Anamas says :

    This is good! Thank yo for sharing. Where can I find more extensions? Can this be used in qliksense?

  2. Business Intelligence Experience says :

    Hi Anamas. The best place to find extensions and interact with developers is Qlik Branch.
    You can find more extensions done by me in this blog or under my Branch profile:

    Please bear in mind that integration with Qlik Sense is not possible if they Extension was develop for Qlikview. However, there are many of extension for Qlik Sense in Branch including pie charts.


  3. Anamas says :

    Very useful, thanks!

  4. Nate says :

    Is there anyway to change the background color of the pie to transparent or change the color at all? The background won’t change from it’s defaulted white.

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