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Straight Table Pagination

Straight tables are one of the most commonly used objects in Qlik. I would say there are no reports without tables. Even if we try to avoid them, they are always there.

Tables don’t usually present a problem in our reports. However, when we work with big amount of data, tables don’t perform well and we need to start applying filters to make them smaller. No matter how big and dirty tables can get, users still want all of the detailed data in a table. No filters, no shortcuts. All of it.

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Share Bookmarks with Other users

Bookmarks can either be  Private or Public.

Private bookmarks are created by users and can only be accessed or used by the creator.
Public bookmarks can be accessed by all users within a specific document.

Using Ajax or IE plugin, bookmarks can be created from the top bar.

Top bar - Adding bookmarks

Top bar – Adding bookmarks

In order to make a bookmark public or accessible to other users, Read More…