Third Qlik Dev Group meeting

On March 24th took place the third Qlik Dev Group meeting. I can’t believe how this gathering has increasing its participants.
We were 20 in the first meeting and in this last meeting we were around 80 and I have the feeling this will keep growing and growing.

Third QDG meeting

Third QDG meeting – Presenter: Donald Farmer

This is what I would like to see in the next meetings:

– More people from Qlik coming to share all the cool stuff they are developing before anybody else knows.
– I would like to either broadcast the meetings or let the people join it via any conferencing tool such as Skype, WebEx, Google Hangouts, etc.
– Encourage everybody to come forward and make a presentation on any chosen topic.



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4 responses to “Third Qlik Dev Group meeting”

  1. qlikcentral says :

    Great post and was good seeing you there again. Richard

  2. Business Intelligence Experience says :

    Thank you! It was good seeing you too and thanks for your educational presentation at the meeting!

  3. Carlos Balenzuela says :

    I think it is time to stop drinking now !

  4. Business Intelligence Experience says :

    C’mon Carlos, a drink is always welcome 😉

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