Ahead of the Qlik Dev Group meeting

Are you coming tonight to the next Qlik developers meeting in the Google Campus?

For more details visit the group’s website.

Now the gossip from my meeting with Brian Munz (@brianwmunz), Alexander Karlesson (@mindspank).

They have a lot to talk about and we are more than happy to have them over! Things I know they will cover:

  • Currect Qlik Branch status
  • New Qlik Branch site. Huge improvements to the current site.
  • How to bring together clients, partners and developers.
  • Integration between Qlik sense and Qlikview.
  • Possibility for clients to pay developers for their help/contribution.
  • Branch will make it easier for users to download extensions and leave and for developer to stay and interact.
  • Alex will be talking about really cool technical staff. He’s still deciding if he’ll go into the details so we don’t get bored although I told him we all feel we want more technical stuff to keep coming to our meetings.
  • And a lot more!

If you haven’t signed up yet, what are you waiting for?!

See you tonight! and visit Qlik Branch !



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8 responses to “Ahead of the Qlik Dev Group meeting”

  1. qlikcentral says :

    See you there Juan!

  2. pree says :

    hi juan, what can i do to attend. thanks

  3. Business Intelligence Experience says :

    Hi pree,

    For this particular event, you must be in London as there is no remote attendance allowed yet. Please visit http://www.qlikdevgroup.com for more details.


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