Mastering Qlik Sense – The book

First of all, I would like to apologise to those who follow my blog or randomly found an article of their interest.

There is a reason why I have not posted in a while that goes beyond being “busy at work”. And the reason is a very rewarding and yet extremely time consuming one: the writing of my first book “Mastering Qlik Sense”.

I have the honour of writing with my colleague and friend Martin Mahler and top-notch technical editors who will make sure everything in the book is technically accurate and understandable.

We are writing a book that will be useful not only to beginners but also to those who already use Qlik Sense.

Here’s the book cover that will hopefully make you want to know more about it:

Mastering Qlik Sense

Mastering Qlik Sense


Mastering Qlik Sense is now available to pre-order on Amazon.

I will be sharing more with you when time allows but in the meantime do leave your comments if you have questions. 🙂



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4 responses to “Mastering Qlik Sense – The book”

  1. Casper says :

    When is it going to release? First amazon showed a realease date of 9 januari 2018, but as far as I can see it still hasn’t released.

    • Business Intelligence Experience says :

      Hello Casper, we ran a bit behind schedule as we introduced a few more chapters to make the book even more useful to all of you. Apologies for any inconviniece and rest assured we are working very hard to get the book published soon!


      • Casper says :

        That’s good to hear. When do you expect to release it? Still early 2018 or Q2 or later?

        I am interested in this, because I would love to buy and read the book. I am really interested in the chapters about API’s and mashups. Am I correct in assuming that the book will have lots of examples and things where you can follow along? Currently I am using the Qlik help pages but they don’t always have examples or complete information/ explanation. I was hoping this book would help me solve this problem.

      • Business Intelligence Experience says :

        Hi Casper. Yes, there’s a full chapter explaining extensions and a bit of mashup. But bear in mind this books it’s called Mastering Qlik Sense and it is not only about extensions. After reading the book you’ll have the tools to create an extension from scratch and you’ll have a good understanding of all the different options you have to apply in your project.

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