Mastering Qlik Sense is now out!

Mastering Qlik Sense

Happy to announce that Martin Mahler’s and my book “Mastering Qlik Sense” is now published! Get your copy on  Packt  and Amazon.

It summarizes our consulting experience with Qlik and it is targeted to upskill you in Qlik Sense with several practical examples, including building two extensions step-by-step.

Target Audiences:

1. QlikView Developers transitioning to Qlik Sense (inc. Introduction to Web Development)

2. Qlik Sense Beginners wishing to deepen their knowledge

3. Web Developers who want a better fundamental understanding of the Qlik Engine.

Topics Covered:

Qlik Sense Self-service project implementations, Extension development, Mashup development, Qlik Scripting, Advanced Expressions, Introduction to the Qlik API, Web Development Fundamentals, Security Rules, Qlik Cloud & more.

Special thanks go to Karl PoverDilyana IvanovaRalf Becher and David Alcobero, who provided us with invaluable feedback during the writing process.


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2 responses to “Mastering Qlik Sense is now out!”

  1. Benjamin says :

    Hi, I bought the book, understand that Qliksense is changing rapidly. How do we keep up ?

  2. Business Intelligence Experience says :

    Hi Benjamin – Qlik Sense is indeed changing rapidly. However, there are things that will remain stable like creating extensions with external libraries and scripting in general. I do expect a lot of new updates on Qlik’s native libraries (LeonardoUI, Picasso, etc.) and there is a whole new world opening up with the release of Qlik Core.
    The only way to keep up with technology is by training yourself constantly using courses, books, online material, etc..

    Happy learning!

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