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Tracking lost licences

Keeping track of licences in a big environment can be a bit of a hassle.

In case you didn’t know, we can literally loose licences if we don’t make sure to follow all the necessary steps before deleting or updating a file name.

But, how do we know we are missing licences?

The answer to this question, it’s very simple and easy to spot.

If you delete or change a file name before removing any licences assigned to this file, then those licences will be lost and you won’t be able to use them in any other application.

For example, let’s suppose we have a file “Qlikview Document.qvw” with 1 document CAL assigned to it. If we now go ahead and delete this file (without removing the licence), the licence will be lost and the file will show up in QMC in capital letters.


Whenever we see a file like this, we should know we need to take action.

The first thing would be to restore the file we just deleted. If someone else deleted the file, it’s probably that Read More…